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Connected, I participated in May 2018 in the hashtag #mermay on Instagram.
For a month, every day, artists draw and share creations with sirens.

This simple and spontaneous theme immediately charmed me. In order not to be bored, I wanted each creation to be unique with a different style: color ranges, an essential feature, a drowning ...


I chose washed blue tones, both soft and dark to give depth to my subject by trying to innovate I chose white outlines (why not?) And I loved it! This reinforces his ghostly pace and allowed me to link subject and waves.

Rather hydra sea that siren Awena transported by emotions revealed its essence, the sea.

This aquatic environment is for me a source of inspiration, living next to it, I am lulled by its rustling and smell soon that I am at home. Like any everyday object, it can become invisible. That's why I try to highlight it in my drawings.
But who is Awena?
This is one of the characters I brought to life, Awena (#mermay)

What to remember?

This site has no commercial purpose. Painting and images are my property. In case you would like to use them, I am grateful to you for kindly quoting your source.

Happy travel on the web, it will be a great pleasure to see you again.