My projectsSo many to put in motion, running after time

With Emms' initiative, we decided to try a common experiment - create a series of animals but with two conditions

  1. they are in movement
  2. they must be mechanical.

In 2 weeks time, I have launched Xunny's website. I want to apply for art schools at the end of next year, and must build a portfolio of drawings. These need a case.

The walls of the school are sad, this cannot last.
We're going to break the gray… Drop the BOMBS on the walls!

A series of pockets designed for the MIA association.


Live your life in green!

A drawing contest organized by the French Institute of Bucharest.

What to remember?

This site has no commercial purpose. Painting and images are my property. In case you would like to use them, I am grateful to you for kindly quoting your source.

Happy travel on the web, it will be a great pleasure to see you again.